Like most people I started with a pet puppy bought for the children, he was called  (can you believe it) Whisky. That is how I met my good friend Jean Abbey as it was her I contacted through a chain of other numbers to purchase the puppy who was by her dog Kristajen Choirboy. I showed Whisky with some success and was soon bitten by the Show  Bug

Consequently I bought a prospective show bitch from the Birkfell kennel and was delighted to make her into a Champion and that was the start of a wonderful pastime, showing and breeding this lovely breed. Over the years I met many lovely people all with the same interest the West Highland White Terrier .

After I had been " in the breed " for a number of years, I was persuaded to commence judging and now do so at Championship show level. It was a great honour to win the ballot to judge the of England Club Championship Show in 2001. I have also judged general championship shows and had a couple of appointments abroad. This year I have the honour of judging the 25th Anniversary show of the  West Highland White Terrier Club of Victoria. In 2004, I have been appointed to judge the Northern Ireland West Highland White Terrier Club

On my site you will find just a few of the dogs I have shown and loved over the years.

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