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Clanestar Cinnamon & Clanestar Caraway
DOB 19-11-2002
Sire Ch Lindenka Quigley
Dam Kristajen Carefree Spirit with Clanestar

Clanestar Cinnamon JW *Lexie* at 8 month

Her wins so far:
Best Puppy In Show Ripon All Breed Open Show at 6 month
Best Puppy in Breed East of England Ch Show
Best Puppy in Show B&W Open show july 20

Lexie continues to do well
BPIB at SKC and Darlington
Best BP at the WHWTC of England Open Show
UPDATE !!!   Junior Warrant
BOB & BIS at the N.Cairn &WHWTC Open Show'04


Ch Clanestar Careless Spell
DOB 2-4-03
Sire Ch Kristajen Casterspell
Dam Ch Clanestar Careless Spirit


Best PIB Driffield '03
BPIB at Yorkshire Sporting Terriers
BPIS at  Northern Counties Sporting Terriers.
BPIS at Northern Cairn and WHWT  Club Open Show.

BuntyWelks06 ChClanestarCarelessSpellWeb

Bunty on the day she won the CC & BOB  at WELKS '06
6 Res CC's  including Crufts 2008
Bunty wins the CC at SKC (May)
Bunty is now a Champion !!
She won 9 res CC's on her way to her title
Bunty won two CC's at her last shows,Paington and Bournemouth
Bunty's total is now
6 CC's and 11 RCC's

New CH Clanestar Cloud Dancer
DOB 2-11-03
Sire Ch Kristajen Casterspell
Dam  Clanestar Cydney


Res CC at Bournemouth '05
CC & BOB at Driffield '05.

Georgie is now a champion
She has so far won
3 CC's  with  l BIS and 1 BOB and 2 RCC's
Click here for her win at the NoIWHWTC Ch Show '06

me and georgie okWEb

Ch  Clanestar Careless Affair JW
DOB 19-12-07
Sire  Kristajen Know It All
Dam Ch Clanestar Careless Spell
Our new hopeful,
Bunty' s daughter


BPIB Belfast , BIS & BPIS Northern Counties Sporting Terriers & National Terrier Open Show ,
BPIS Bridlington Open Show
, 2nd Puppy Group - Belfast , Numerous other wins and placings

Merry wins the CC at Scottish Breed '09 from Junior !!
Followed by the Res CC at SKC'09
AND her second CC at 3 Counties, see photo below.
Merry is doing me proud
Merry has won 5 Res CC's so far .
STOP THE PRESSES : Merry gains her title at Crufts 2010
We are still on cloud nine

Merry3Counties MerryPress

 Clanestar Cloud Chasing
DOB 3-1-10
Sire  Lindenka Sullivan
Dam  Clanestar Cloudburst

Frankie Harrogate6mths
FrankiePuppyWEb Frankie Jnr Bitch 2010

Left  Frankie at Bournemouth and right at the NI WHWT Club show Sept 2010 both times handled by Jean Abbey.

Ch Clanestar Cloud Chaser JW 
Dob – 22.12.12
Sire: Ch.Bellevue Going Dutch with Pryorvale
Dam: Clanestar Cloud Chasing
Update: Pixiie wins the Res CC at Leeds

Pixie 6Web
PixieAndMe Belfast 2012
Pixie 2Web
Pixie at NT 2013
Pixie S.Club 2015_2

Pixie at National Terrier 2013,
photo Alan Walker

Clanestar Cloud Chaser JW.
Update October 2015 - Pixie has so far won 2 CC's & 6 RCC's